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About Sarah Erickson

Sarah Erickson is an artist, psychologist, and world sailor who believes “variety is the spice of life”. This approach to life is mirrored in her jewelry designs. Sarah’s jewelry, like her life, is a striking mix of subtle and bold, elegant and earthy, playful and meaningful. Graceful movement, spontaneity, and the use of evocative colors are prominent design elements. Sarah explains, “Through my art I am able to express all dimensions of my life; my history and my passions meld together in the art of making jewelry.”


For Sarah, jewelry is more than an accessory, it is a personal statement. Talisman and charms are often used to the enhance meaningfulness of her creations. “Jewelry reminds us of special occasions and important people in our lives. When passed down to others, jewelry acquires a sense of timelessness linking us to the past, as well as a promise of the future.” Each unique piece of jewelry is handcrafted by Sarah with strict attention to detail. Her versatile designs are intended to be worn comfortably with faded jeans or with that special little black dress and heels. 


Twelve years as a jewelry designer has taught Sarah the importance of surrendering to the process, rather than to focus on the outcome. Consequently, there are few preconceived notions when she searches for materials. The first step in her creative process is the selection of high quality stones from reputable sources; organic geodes, sparkling gems, and luscious pearls. Next, the stones are arranged by color and shape in her studio. It is here, that the stones seemingly come to life and arrange themselves in aesthetic designs. The recognition of alchemy, synchronicity, and everyday miracles has played an important role in guiding Sarah’s life, so it is little surprise that for her, jewelry making is synonymous with making magic. It is her hope you enjoy wearing your one-of-a-kind piece, as much as she enjoyed making it. 


Sarah’s jewelry is created in her studio tucked into in the Sierra mountains with her Vizsla muse, Sparky, at her side. Inspiration for Sarah Erickson Jewelry designs are born in quiet anchorages, driving the dusty back-roads of Baja, snowshoeing through silent woods, or simply watching the mule deers who favor her garden.


Sarah Erickson Jewelry
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